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Damp Proof Membrane

Damp proof membrane, or PE film or PE foil, is a thin polyethylene sheet with a high tear resistance. Suitable for pouring concrete slab with a hard surface.

Bubble wrap for concrete floors or strip foundations that are deposited on sand. Can be used directly on the sand bed.

Damp Proof Membrane - PE Damp proof membrane - 6 x 50m - 100my

PE Damp proof membrane - 6 x 50m - 100my

From € 75,00 excl. VAT
Damp Proof Membrane - Cavity membrane 3 x 20

Cavity membrane 3 x 20

From € 98,00 excl. VAT

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How quickly can you deliver my order?

We can deliver Damp Proof Membrane from 2 working days with Express delivery. If you choose a normal delivery, the delivery time starts from 4 working days. The final delivery time depends on the products you order. You can see exactly how quickly we can deliver your order in your shopping cart. Here you can also choose Express delivery. This will incur a surcharge.

What are the shipping costs of my order?

The shipping costs depend on the products you order. Especially the size of the products determines the amount of shipping costs. You can find the shipping costs in your shopping cart. You will also find the extra costs for an Express delivery in your shopping cart. When we make you a customized offer, the shipping costs are clearly indicated.

Can I have my reinforcement designed and delivered as a kit?

At we can ensure that the reinforcement is worked out and delivered as a construction kit. Including assembly drawings and building instructions. The construction kits are delivered with a clear and numbered parts list, which corresponds with the assembly plan and the labels on the reinforcement. 

Can I receive my reinforcement design in 3D?

We always eleborate your reinforcement in a 3D reinforcement design by using various software packages and links. We do this for both simple and complex construction projects. 

Questions or comments about Damp Proof Membrane?

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