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Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends

Reinforcing mesh with an efficient lapping length. The mesh are provided with flying ends on one long and one wide side. The flying ends ensure a good connection to the next reinforcing mesh. This means no unnecessary double reinforcement and a flatter mesh surface.

B-mesh are the standard reinforcing mesh in Belgium. Material quality B500A.

Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends
TypeDiameterWire spacingLengthWidthWeightProductPrice 
B 385 A Ø7mm100 x 1006000mm2400mm79.40kgReinforcing mesh from € 61,60 View product
B 257 A Ø7mm150 x 1505950mm2350mm52.13kgReinforcing mesh from € 38,50 View product
B 335 A Ø8mm150 x 1505950mm2350mm64.90kgReinforcing mesh from € 43,60 View product
B 503 A Ø8mm100 x 1006000mm2400mm100.49kgReinforcing mesh from € 72,60 View product
B 524 A Ø10mm150 x 1505950mm2350mm101.37kgReinforcing mesh from € 66,85 View product
B 754 A Ø12mm150 x 1505950mm2350mm138.53kgReinforcing mesh from € 99,00 View product

Fast and careful delivery of Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends

Betonstaal.nl ensures that Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends is delivered quickly and carefully. In addition to delivery in the Netherlands, delivery in Belgium is also possible. We guarantee the best quality and service, where customization is our standard.

Production of Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends according to European standards

Betonstaal.nl produces according to the set standards and requirements of Eurocode and KOMO / Kiwa.

Reinforcement worked out and delivered as a kit

At Betonstaal.nl we ensure that the reinforcement is worked out and delivered as a kit, including assembly drawings and instructions. The construction kits are supplied with a clear and numbered bill of material, which corresponds to the assembly plan and the labels on the reinforcement.

Reinforcement design in 3D

By using different software packages and links, we can work out reinforcement digitally from simple to complex construction projects.

Questions or comments about Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends

Do you have questions or comments about Reinforcing mesh (B) flying ends, or do you want to request a quote? You can then complete the contactform and we will contact you as soon as possible. Betonstaal.nl can be reached by telephone on workdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., so you can contact us very flexibly. Call us on: +31 88 0287800.

Why reinforcing mesh from Betonstaal.nl?
  • Order 24/7 and quick delivery
  • Delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Customer service 8.00-20.00
  • According to KOMO / Kiwa and Eurocode
  • Customization is our standard

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