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Stainless steel reinforcement, 3D Reinforcement design, trade and export batches, complete rebar tying projects or other reinforcement applications?

We like to think along with you to come up with the best solution. Because of our pioneering spirit and experience, since the 1950s, in the reinforcement industry, much is possible, but we are always looking for new challenges.

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Customization - Trade and export batches

Trade and export batches

Customized rebar or in trade lengths for export and trade.
Customization - Stainless steel reinforcement

Stainless steel reinforcement

Stainless steel reinforcement in different lengths and diameters.
Customization - Deviating diameters

Deviating diameters

Diameters Ø32, Ø40 and Ø50mm.
Customization - Earth reinforcement

Earth reinforcement

Earth reinforcement of smooth reinforcing steel Ø16mm.