Staalgoed Handel B.V.


> Can I also order from you as a consumer?
Yes, we supply all products on our website to both companies and consumers.

> I have already added products to my shopping cart, but do not want to order immediately. Can I save the shopping cart?
Yes, you can save the shopping cart. Click in the order overview on “Save shopping cart ”.

save shopping cart

You will receive an email from us containing your shopping cart. The e-mail contains a button “To order” that returns you to the shopping cart on the website. You can then proceed to order, but you can also adjust the contents of the shopping cart.

> I see on the quotation that it is only valid for 5 days. However, I want to order when the permit for my project has been finalized. Can I count on the same prices?
We maintain a validity of the quotation of 5 days because prices can fluctuate. As soon as you want to place an order, please contact us and we will quickly inform you about the then current prices.

> I want to adjust my order. How do I do this?
Once the order has been placed, you cannot make any changes yourself. Please contact us so we can see what is possible.

> I have received a quote from you, but now I want to change something in the products to be ordered. How do I do this?
You received the quotation from us by e-mail. This e-mail contains a green button “View quotation”. Click on this and you will end up in the shopping cart. Now you can change the contents of the shopping cart yourself. Prices will automatically and  immediately be adjusted .
Is your quotation for a detailed Construction Kit? Then you cannot change yourself. In that case, please contact us.

> Why is there additional reinforcement/extra reinforcement/unforeseen reinforcement in my quotation?
Experience has shown that we or you as a customer are often not aware of all the details. Sometimes, for example, no account has been taken of the passage of water pipes or electricity. And extra reinforcement is needed at those places. That is why we propose a number of loose bars and/or hairpins in the quotation. For a relatively small amount, you are then well prepared and there is less chance of delay in your construction project.

> What do you need to make an offer?
The clearer and more comprehensible the information you provide, the faster we can make an offer. In order to make an offer, we need a structural drawing with information about the reinforcement. This includes a drawing of the cross-section of the concrete beams with the reinforcement cross-sections indicated. Furthermore, we would like to receive a PDF or DWG with an overview of the foundation beams. If you do not have a structural drawing, you can also fill in the intake form for a simple foundation.

When supplying a sketch or a photo of brief notes, it will take longer to make an offer. A very extensive report in which we have to search for a long time will also delay the process.

> I want to order reinforcement now, but not receive it immediately. Can I change the delivery date myself?

Yes, you can indicate when you want the products to be delivered. When you click on "Continue to order", you will be taken to a form where you can enter your details. In the lower field of this form, "Remarks delivery", you can indicate when you would like the products to be delivered. Please note that your desired date can be up to 2 months later. Faster delivery than the indicated duration of Express delivery is not possible.

> The quotation shows straight bars/link cages. The 3D model shows bent bars/link cages. How is that possible? 

If all goes well, we had a telephone conversation about this when we were working it out. When concrete is to be poured twice in your project, it is more convenient to place straight bars or link cages. After the first pour and the placing of the first layer of reinforcing mesh, the bars or link cages must be bent. See also the short illustration below.



 In the quotation, therefore, there are straight bars or link cages. In the model they are bent.