Staalgoed Handel B.V.

Shipping and delivery

> Can I pick up my order myself?
No, you cannot pick up from us. Our deliveries come from various locations in the Netherlands. It is not desirable to collect goods yourself from the locations. We are happy to deliver the reinforcement.

> How fast can you deliver my order?
Delivery time depends on the products you order. There is a different delivery time per product, but the average delivery time is 5 working days. You can also choose Express delivery. The delivery time is then shorter, but the costs for delivery are somewhat higher. The delivery time starts from the moment we have received the payment. Click here for an overview of the delivery times.

> What are the shipping costs if I order from you?
The shipping costs depend on the products you order. The length of the product in particular determines the price. If you fill a shopping cart on the website and go to the order overview, you will immediately see the shipping costs. When we make a quotation for you, the shipping costs are clearly indicated. Or take a look at our overview of the shipping costs.

> What does Express delivery cost?
For orders with an Express delivery a surcharge applies. Depending on the size of the order, this surcharge is between €50 and €200 (excl. VAT). The amount of the surcharge is clearly stated in the order overview during the ordering process.  

> I only received half of my ordered reinforcing mesh. How is that possible?
We find it very annoying if your delivery is not complete. But if you think you have received half of the reinforcing mesh, we would like to ask you to count again. The mesh are stacked alternately which means that not all flying ends protrude everywhere. See images below.

how to count a stack of reinforcing mesh


> I have only received part of my order. How is that possible?
An order may consist of several deliveries and be delivered by different carriers. Do you have more products on your invoice than on your shipping confirmation? Then the rest of your order will be delivered at a later date. You will receive a separate shipping confirmation for each partial delivery with the planned delivery date.