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Free 3D model with quote

3D model RebarAssistReceive free (worth a minimum of €80) the 3D model*, when you request a quote for your project.

You read that right. When you're not a customer yet, we're already working for you.

We make no distinction between companies and private individuals. Anyone who uploads the constructive drawing with the quote request will receive the 3D model, the parts list, clear drawings of all prefabricated parts and the assembly plan from us.

In this way, you actually receive a complete construction kit when you order rebar.

Request your quote incl. free 3D model (worth at least €80) here.

*In the quotation phase you have access to the 3D model. If you decide not to purchase, free access will expire. In addition, reserves the right to refrain from delivering a 3D model. In that case, we will always contact you in a timely manner. 


View your 3D model in the RebarAssist

The RebarAssist is a 3D viewer. It was developed by It works very intuitively. You get instant insight into what you are buying, how the structure is built and how to assemble the rebar. You don't have to create an account and you just open RebarAssist in your browser.

I try it myself

Benefits of RebarAssist

  • In this way you do not have to be a reinforcement specialist and/or be able to read a drawing when you receive a 3D model based on your structural drawings. You can easily order the right reinforcement products from
  • Extremely low error rate on orders and deliveries.
  • You have the certainty that you order exactly what you need.
  • You can communicate more easily with someone at a distance with the RebarAssist. After all, you can be sure you are talking about the same thing.

Key features

  • You can select the parts, so you know exactly what should be placed where.
  • You can select by diameter. A useful function to check if the elaboration went well.
  • The parts list is linked to the 3D model.
  • No need to create an account.
  • There is not even a password involved.
  • You use RebarAssist in your own browser.

Would you also like to experience all the benefits of having your project in 3D on your screen? Clicking the button below will take you to the form where you can upload the structural drawings of your project. Request your quote today.

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