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3D Reinforcement design

3D modeling of reinforcement with standard (prefab) solutions, which can be produced and processed quickly and easily on site.

Clear drawing of all prefab elements for production and application. In addition, a assembly plan of the reinforcement which corresponds to a parts list and the labels on the reinforcement.

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Our (prefab) solutions can be made by the latest generation of machines and in terms of transport these solutions are easy to load and unload. The assembly plan can indicate when a crane is needed to process the reinforcement.

Minimum work preparation

A BVBS or PXML data export is possible, so that the production can be directly controlled from the model. This means faster processing during work preparation and transfer errors are a thing of the past.

3d modelleren van wapening

From simple construction to complex project

By using different software packages and links, we can work out reinforcement digitally from simple to complex construction projects.

The benefits:

  • Bottlenecks become clear in advance and therefore planning and buiding is more efficiently. Failure costs are limited to a minimum.
  • Bar bending schedules and desired position numbers are automatically generated in different file types.
  • Working drawings are available for installation and inspection at the construction site.

We are happy to think along with you to find the best solution.

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Want to build a garden house, canopy or shed?

Want to build a garden house, canopy or shed?

We are happy to work it out for you so you'll know exactly what you need. We can work out even faster if you fill in the special form for garden house, canopy or shed. The questions will give us a clear insight into your project. You will then receive an answer from us in just 2 days (instead of the usual 3).

What can you expect?

  • A detailed elaboration of the reinforcement.
  • 3D design of the reinforcement. To be viewed with the RebarAssist (3D viewer).
  • Clear drawings of all prefabricated parts.
  • Assembly plan of the reinforcement.
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