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Construction kit

Reinforcement developed and delivered as a kit.

Prefabricated customized rebar construction kits for foundations and basements, including assembly drawings and instructions. Send in your construction drawing and receive a quote with:

  • 3D model of the reinforcement, viewable with the RebarAssist.
  • Clear drawing of all prefabricated parts.
  • Detailed elaboration of the reinforcement.
  • Assembly plan of the reinforcement.
  • Clear and numbered parts list, which corresponds to the assembly plan and the labels on the reinforcement.

Show 3D model

View 3D model with the RebarAssist

Our prefab solutions are quick and easy to process on the construction site.

With the quote you can easily order via the website, because the order overview is already ready for you.

Production can be directly controlled by various data export formats, such as BVBS or PXML. This means faster order processing and transfer errors are a thing of the past.

By using various software packages and links, we can digitally work out reinforcement from simple to complex construction projects.

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The benefits:

  • Time saving: Quick a clear quotation, parts lists and assembly instructions, which means you spend little time checking, sorting out and calling. Smooth production because the files sent by us are read directly and there are therefore no transfer errors. Simple and quick assembly  by using as many prefab parts as possible.

  • Cost savings: Time is money, so the time savings also directly save costs.

  • What you see is what you get : Everything is clear when ordering, no surprises afterwards.

  • Anyone can assemble reinforcement: Thanks to the clear assembly plan and a design with as many prefab parts as possible, mounting the reinforcement is easy. In this way, less specialized staff is required and staff can be deployed flexibly.

  • Occupational health and safety: By using as many prefab solutions as possible, less bending, cutting and additional reinforcement are needed on the construction site. This means that standing on scaffolding or ladders is less necessary. In addition, fewer tying actions, which reduces repetitive twisting with the forearm and bending. Naturally, the lifting standard is taken into account in the design.

Questions or comments about reinforcement as a construction kit?

Do you have questions or comments about reinforcement as a construction kit, or would you like to request a quote? You can then fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. can be reached by telephone on working days between 08:00 - 17:00, so you can contact us very flexibly. Call us on: +31 88 0287800.