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Customized reinforcing steel solutions with a clear ordering process, optimum production and quick logistics.

You can calculate the price and place an order directly via the website. We deliver to B2B clients and B2C clients in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Reinforcement design in 3D, rebar fixing or questions about reinforcing steel? Please contact and we will offer you the best solution.

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Our products
Reinforcing mesh
Reinforcing mesh, which meet the Eurocode standard and Arbo rules, for concrete floors and walls. Lattice girders from 50 to 250mm.
Reinforcing bar
Cut and bent customized rebar or in standard dimensions. Choose the shape, specify the dimensions and angles and calculate your price.
Rebar cages
Prefab rebar cages with standard length or create your own cage, calculated and ordered quickly and easily.
Footing cages
Customized footing cages or standard footing cages for creating support points in a strip footing.
Spacers, steel fixing tools, tying wire and formwork accessories to process and apply the reinforcement.
Stainless steel rebar
Stainless steel reinforcement in different lengths and diameters. Customized stainless steel reinforcing mesh are also possible.
Reinforcement construction kit

Do you often receive a quotation with unclear drawings for the reinforcement of your construction projects, is the parts list a puzzle and do you spend a lot of time calling suppliers? At Betonstaal.nl you receive clear drawings and parts lists, you save time, there is less chance of errors in the ordering and manufacturing process and the mounting of the reinforcement is as simple as possible.

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Our latest news
Reinforcement chairs
Reinforcement chairs
24-05-2022 - When you have to make a very thick concrete floor, conventional lattice girders are not sufficient, but you would still like to use a lattice girder. In those cases you use a reinforcement chair....
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The do's & don'ts of modern reinforcement design
The do's & don'ts of modern reinforcement design
12-05-2022 - In the world of reinforcement, there are still steps to be taken in terms of efficiency in the chain. When we share knowledge, we benefit as a whole. We take the initiative by listing the do's and don'ts of modern reinforcement design. ...
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Price increase of reinforcing steel
Price increase of reinforcing steel
21-06-2022 - The war has had a huge impact on the availability of reinforcing steel. The prices of energy, fuel, scrap and transport are rising sharply. And all this is necessary for the production and supply of reinforcing steel....
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