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Knowledge centre - RebarAssist


A 3D viewer with intuitive selection functions. This gives you insight into what you are buying, how the construction is built up in detail and how the reinforcement is mounted. Read more
Knowledge centre - Assembly


Learn everything about the installation of reinforcement. You will find, for example, videos that you can use during the installation. Read more
Knowledge centre - Product information

Product information

Would you like to know more about the products we offer? Here you will find additional background information. Read more
Knowledge centre - Tables and calculation tools

Tables and calculation tools

Very handy! Tools that make construction and ordering easier. Read more
Knowledge centre - Lapping length, weight and Eurocode

Lapping length, weight and Eurocode

The reinforcement that is applied must comply with all kinds of safety rules and standards. You can find useful overviews here. Read more
Knowledge centre - Material properties

Material properties

More on the properties of reinforcing steels. Among other things, diameters, cross-sections and codes. Read more