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3 interesting facts about rebar

06-09-2017 | J. van Wijngaarden

We encounter concrete at countless locations and at various structures, large and small. Especially the hardness of concrete, the relatively low price and the durability make it a popular building material. However, in some cases it can occur that concrete alone can not absorb enough forces if this is deemed necessary. Fortunately, in such cases there are various solutions such as reinforcement of concrete. Here, reinforcement is applied in the concrete, which provides the concrete with extra strength. To learn more about this, we will discuss below three interesting facts about rebar.

1. Rebar 

Concrete, reinforcing steel and reinforced concrete; there are many different terms around concrete and they often mean something else. Concrete is the basic material that is used. Subsequently reinforcement can be applied in the form of bars, mesh or prefabricated cages. It is called rebar or reinforcing steel. The mesh and cages are made by welding bars together. It is important that the reinforcement steel has the right diameter and that it meets the set standards.

3 interessante feiten over betonijzer

2. Function of reinforcing bar

The reason that reinforcement should have the right diameter and size derives from the function of rebar. Concrete itself absorbs the pressure forces that a building exerts. Concrete reinforcement ensures that the tensile forces are sufficiently absorbed. Legislative requirements have been drawn up for the exact guidelines that everyone must adhere to within construction work. By providing the concrete with these requirements, it can be guaranteed that the concrete has sufficient strength against the different tensile forces. This also ensures sustainability.

3. Ancient

The use of concrete is not something of the last centuries. Even the Romans used a similar building material in their time. Because they did not have the possibilities of reinforcement with rebar at that time, the Romans tried to provide the concrete with extra strength to reduce the tensile forces in other ways. This was partly achieved by making arch constructions. In this way, the Romans long ago succeeded in completing immense and miraculous structures.

As you can see, concrete and rebar in particular have a lot to offer. If you are looking for a professional partner who can provide you with rebar and reinforcing steel, then you have come to the right place. We will help with any advice and will look what we can do for you.

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