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3D model deviates from 2D drawings

08-01-2024 | M.E. de Jong

"I've uploaded my structural drawings. And now I receive a 3D model from you that looks different than what I expected."
Indeed, this can happen. The client has hired a structural engineer to do a calculation and create 2D drawings. This is the information provided to us.
Subsequently, our 3D model doesn't align with the expectations. It may seem peculiar, but it is entirely logical. We'd like to explain how this can occur.

Linking 2D and practice

We sometimes deviate from what the structural engineer has drawn, but these deviations are always of a practical nature, with no further impacts on the structure.

This is because we are not structural engineers, but we act as the link between the 2D drawings and practice. Literally, by elaborating the drawings into detailed 3D models, which are converted into all the necessary (custom) products.

Liftable, movable and manufacturable

When drawing, a structural engineer may not always consider practical processing. For example, a product may become too large or heavy to lift. In such cases, breaks it down into smaller components, making it more manageable. We also take into account the specifications of machines for reinforcing steel production and know precisely what is mechanically feasible.We also consider the specifications of machinery for processing rebar and know exactly what is possible by machine. In addition, the material must also be transportable; a length of 20 meters simply does not fit on a truck.

Interpretation Differences

2D drawings are prone to interpretation differences and offer different perspectives. This lack of uniformity leads to different solutions to convert the same 2D drawings to 3D. During the drawing process, we choose the solution that, in our opinion, works best for on-site execution and meets structural requirements.

Customer and

It may happen that a client receives drawings from the structural engineer and has specific solutions in mind. However, the 3D model may use different solutions. The solutions in the 3D model via RebarAssist (3D viewer) are correct and do not affect the structural design. The tensile strength of the reinforcement in the foundation always remains the same as the structural engineer's design.

Do you have questions following the 3D model you received? Please feel free to contact us.

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3D model deviates from 2D drawings - Optimal insight with RebarAssist