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Assembly of reinforcing mesh with flying ends

If you are a reinforcement specialist, then you know your way around reinforcing mesh. Even though it never hurts to check if it can be done more conveniently.

But suppose you are an individual with a dream. You want to build your own house. Or that extension which, for example, gives you room for an enormous dining table for all your friends and family. That quickly goes from a dream to a lot of questions. The result is fantastic, but a lot has to be done before that happens.

We will make the start of the process very clear for you. Because the starting point is a good foundation. The video below shows you how to lay the reinforcing mesh step by step for a solid result you can build on.


Do you have any questions after seeing the video or need advice about reinforcing mesh? Then please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to provide appropriate advice. Even if it is not a daily occurrence for you.

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