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Checklist Foundation Works

29-01-2024 | M.E. de Jong

Funderingswerk ChecklistWe don't need to explain the importance of a good foundation. Whether you are a private builder or an entrepreneur in the construction industry, the correct application of rebar (reinforcement) is of great importance. But how do you actually carry out foundation work correctly and what do you all need to think about?

A handy checklist would be very nice in this regard.
That is exactly what we have worked out!

Measures 2024 to improve quality in the construction sector

More construction supervision is expected from 2024, when the "Wet kwaliteitsborging voor het bouwen (Wkb)" will be rolled out. In this context, a checklist is another reassuring idea. It is a handy tool to meet the stricter requirements of construction supervision and to check that everything has been done properly.

Why the Checklist Foundation Works?

This checklist allows you to check your own work, reducing the chances of rejection by a quality assurance officer. In addition, it can help you avoid mistakes, potentially reducing complications, and delays, in the construction process.

Downloading the checklist is easy.

Feel free to share these with others who may benefit.

Download the Checklist Foundationworks