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How do I quickly and easily determine the reinforcing mesh for my project?

30-11-2020 | W. van Wijngaarden

The type and required number of reinforcing mesh for your project depends on various factors. We can develop the reinforcement for your project. But you can also calculate the required reinforcing mesh quickly and easily with our reinforcing mesh calculator. A handy calculation tool that saves you a lot of work.

Calculate the required number of reinforcing mesh yourself in 3 steps

Do you want to quickly determine yourself which reinforcing mesh you need and order them? In our reinforicng mesh calculator, the influencing factors are taken into account. In just 3 steps you calculate which reinforcing mesh are suitable and how much you will need for your project. The three steps of the reinforcing mesh calculator are as follows:

  1. Calculate the area: Calculate the area of ​​your project by entering the length and width
  2. Choose the type of reinforcement: Choose from a single layer or double layer reinforcing mesh and enter the desired diameter & wire spacing
  3. Specify the coverage: Enter the thickness of the concrete floor, the desired coverage for the bottom and the top if you choose a double layer of reinforcing mesh

Then click on 'Calculate required reinforcing mesh' and we will give you our advice. Our advice is the first option, but we also show other types of reinforcing mesh that are suitable for your project. With one click on a button, you can place the desired reinforcing mesh in the correct quantity in your shopping cart.

reinforcing mesh calcaulatorImage 1: The 3 steps of the reinforcing mesh calculator 

Also lattice girders and spacers for your project

In addition to the  reinforcing mesh, the calculator also helps you find lattice girders and spacers. These are added in the required numbers to the overview of the reinforcing mesh that are suitable for your project. In this way, you can place everything you need for applying reinforcing mesh in your shopping cart with a click on a button.

advice calculator
Image 2: The required products in the reinforcing mesh calculator

The factors that influence the required reinforcing mesh

 Which factors are important? These are among others the diameter of the reinforcing mesh, the wire spacing and the accessibility of the construction site. The lapping length of the reinforcing mesh also plays a role in the choice of the type and numbers of reinfocing mesh for your project. Types B, BEC and BS are generally the most suitable for slab reinforcement, because they have flying ends and thus provide a lapping length.

The importance of lapping length to absorb tensile forces

When applying reinforcement, lapping length must be taken into account. Lapping length is the piece that one bar of a mesh overlaps with another bar. If you apply reinforcing mesh (without flying ends) next to each other and tie them together, you will get weak spots in the reinforcement of the concrete. The concrete can crack in these areas.

Flying end mesh are practical

 If you are using mesh without flying ends, you will have to pile them up to get the correct lapping length. In this way you can get up to 8 layers of reinforcement at certain points. In these places the coverage of the concrete is reduced, resluting in a greater chance of concrete decay. That is why it is more convenient to choose reinforcing mesh with flying ends for floors.

reinforcing mesh with flying endsImage3: The connection between reinforcing mesh with flying ends

Your customized advice with standard products

Customization is the standard with us. But that doesn't mean that there will only be customized mesh in our advice. The development of the foundation and the floor is custom work: we calculate exactly for you which materials you will need for your project. But standard products are also used in this, such as concrete spacers, plastic line spacers and therefore also standard reinforcing mesh (which must be partly cut to size on site). In addition, we take into account construction standards, lifting standards, accessibility of the work, delivery times and price in our customized advice. 

Feel free to contact us for your questions

After reading this, do you still have questions or need advice about reinforcing mesh? Then we are happy to provide you with appropriate advice. Please contact us!

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