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Expansion of the range of concrete spacers

02-07-2019 | W. van wijngaarden

Has a large coverage been prescribed for the concrete to be poured? Higher concrete spacers can now be ordered from
Concrete spacers are now also available for 60mm and 70mm coverage. With the concrete spacers with wire, a coverage of 60 mm is possible for both side and bottom reinforcement.

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Factors coverage
The required concrete coverage depends on a number of factors:

  • environment to which the concrete is exposed (moisture, heat, cold, saline environment, chemicals)
  • density of the concrete
  • fire safety requirements
  • the size of (tensile) forces that must be spread / absorbed in the reinforcing steel
  • required lifespan

Examples higher spacers
Higher spacers are used, for example, with concrete structures outside exposed to all kinds of weather and for which a long lifespan is required. But they are also useful for relatively thin floors inside to be poured. For example a floor of 120 mm. in which only one layer of reinforcement is applied and therefor must be positioned in the middle of the floor.

Ensure correct calculation
The correct concrete coverage, which ensures correct durability and service life of the concrete structure, is determined by a constructor. If this is not properly calculated, the concrete coverage may be too little (risk of rusting of the reinforcing steel too quickly, cracks of the concrete and therefore also weakness of the structure), but the concrete coverage may also be too large (then the reinforcing steel may do not adequately absorb / spread forces). So be well advised!

Do you know the right coverage for your project? Then order the required spacers here .

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