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Discover the benefits of glass fibre reinforcement in construction! has been supplying rebar for 10 years. Steel indeed. But we are also always looking for innovations within our market. Our own 3D tools are a good example of this.
Product development within the construction industry does not stand still either, of course. And of course we also like to include those innovations in our range.

There has been an increase in glass fiber reinforcement in the construction industry. Its popularity is due to the advantages that glass fiber reinforcement offers over traditional steel reinforcement. Although concrete has high compressive strength, it lacks tensile strength. Therefore, reinforcement is used, with steel being the most commonly used material.

Unfortunately, steel is susceptible to rust, especially in areas where coverage is inadequate. Moisture and salts can penetrate the steel, leading to corrosion. In other words, concrete rot.

Glass fiber reinforcement offers a solution: it does not rust, is much lighter than steel and has a higher tensile strength. This offers advantages! Also in terms of costs.

If you use glass fiber reinforcement, then in certain situations a smaller diameter reinforcement will suffice. But also with less coverage. That means: less concrete. You not only save on concrete, but also on curing time and weight. The latter in turn saves on crane costs.

  • Advantages of glass fiber reinforcement:
  • - No rust and concrete rot
  • - Greater tensile strength
  • - Longer lifespan
  • - Possibly smaller diameter
  • - Sometimes less concrete needed






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