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Footing cages: the sustainable solution for your foundation

29-05-2018 | J.van Wijngaarden

What are footing cages?

Footing cages are the steel reinforcement for concrete supports. The concrete support  transfers the forces of a structure to the subsurface. The combination of footing cages with concrete makes it a very strong solution for a foundation. 

You can compare footing cages with the reinforcement of a rebar cage . A rebar cage is usually applied horizontally, while a footing cage looks like a standing rebar cage.

What do you use footing cages for?

You use concrete support points with a footing cage as reinforcement for, for example, a roof, annex to a house or garage. The frame of the roof or another structure then rests on the concrete support point with a footing cage as reinforcement. Alternative applications of concrete support points are: foundation of your garden shed, as a parasol base or to secure a play set.


Prevents moisture damage

An additional advantage of concrete support points is that this prevents moisture from or via the ground, damaging the (wooden) posts that rest on the concrete support points with a footing cage as reinforcement. Think of your wooden posts between the garden screens or other forms of garden fencing. To protect this for the long term, you can use concrete support points.

Our range of footing cages

With our range of footing cages you have the choice of two options:

  1. Customized footing cages
  2. Standard footing cages

Customized footing cages 
On our page of customized footing cages you can choose from different shapes, links and bar specifications and of course the height. In this way, you order footing cages custmized to your situation.

Standard footing cages 
Of the most common sizes, we have standard footing cages in stock. It concerns the following sizes:
- Footing cage (H 500mm - L 230mm - W 230mm)
- Footing cage (H 700mm - L 230mm - W 230mm)
- Footing cage (H 900mm - L 230mm - W 230mm)


Do you have any questions or need advice about footing cages? Then we will gladly provide you with suitable advice. Please contact us!

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