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See how to use reinforcement couplers

During a construction project, not all concrete is poured at once. To connect adjacent concrete parts together, reinforcement will have to be linked. In our instructional video, we explain how to do this with reinforcement couplers.

Pouring concrete in phases

As you can imagine, in a construction project it is not always possible to pour all the concrete at once. For example, if you are building a house with a basement underneath. At the vertical pouring seams, you cannot have rebar ends sticking out because of the formwork. However, to get a solid construction, it is necessary that the reinforcement of the different parts continues. Otherwise, you will get cracking. The reinforcement of the basement wall must be connected to the reinforcement of the foundation beams of the house. 

Connecting the reinforcement

To connect the reinforcement of different concrete parts at the vertical pour seam, special reinforcement continuity systems have been developed. One of these is working with reinforcement couplers that are connected by means of threads. The coupler has a sleeve (the female part), in which the threaded end (the male part) can be screwed. Together they form the coupling system.

How does such a reinforcement coupling system work?

We could make a long extended text about that. But images say a lot more, of course. That is why we have made another instructional video:


Getting started!

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