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Our service to you is increased with the RebarAssist

12-11-2021 | W. van Wijngaarden


The latest application of  is the RebarAssist: a 3D viewer with intuitive selection functions. This gives you insight into what you are buying, how the construction is built up in detail and how you assemble the reinforcement. This gives you more certainty and optimum ease of use right from the order stage, and makes your project easy and efficient to implement. With every construction project we deliver a 3D model that can be viewed with the RebarAssist.

3D model kelder in RebarAssist

Figure 1. 3D model of a basement in the RebarAssist. By selecting the rebar cages with code K11 it becomes clear where they should be mounted.

The convenience of the RebarAssist

Ordering reinforcement online on our website was already easy, reliable and faster than the traditional way, but the RebarAssist goes one step further. The RebarAssist is an online tool that requires no installation of special programs and works without passwords. You just open the model in the 3D viewer in your browser via a link in your quotation or order list. You can also open the model on a tablet or even a phone. The 3D viewer has intuitive selection functions, such as listing all loose reinforcement elements and prefab parts of the construction project. All parts have a separate code, which can be seen on the labels of the products themselves. So, for example, you can immediately see where in the construction the rebar cages with that code should be placed. This prevents a lot of communication and consultation and it reduces the chance of errors.

Model can be viewed for a long time

You can view the 3D model in the quotation phase. Do you decide to order with us? Then you can view the model for a year with RebarAssist. After one year the link will automatically expire. Should you still wish to view the 3D model after that year, then all you need to do is give us a call. We can activate the model for you again.

  • You don't have to be a reinforcement specialist to order and assemble reinforcement products from us. And we make no distinction between types of projects or customers. Everyone gets a 3D model via RebarAssist.

Added value for you as a customer

You do not have to be a reinforcement specialist and/or be able to read a technical drawing to order and assemble reinforcement products with us. Less specialised people in construction and even handy private individuals can work with the RebarAssist. Corne Glasbergen with company for capentry and maintenance in Roelofarendsveen believes: "When you get the reinforcement delivered, you often wonder: 'How did they come up with it? With the RebarAssist you can easily see which solutions have been thought up. It's handy that you can filter out just the rebar cages, for example. It's a good manual for building."

 Foundation house with RebarAssist

Figure 2. Even for a simple foundation you receive a 3D model in the RebarAssist.

Added value for every customer!

You might think that this unique service is only available for the larger projects, but that is not the case. We make no distinction between types of projects or customers. We also provide a 3D model for a small extension or shed. Anyone who makes a request to us for working out the reinforcement will receive exactly the same. We continuously invest in automation and development so that we can make 3D models quite quickly and show them to you with the RebarAssist.

Easy phone support with RebarAssist

If you have a question about the design or if you have problems during construction, you can always call us. With the RebarAssist, we can easily guide you through the model over the phone. We see exactly the same model on our screen and can give you instructions on how to click and select in the model.

Try it out!

Do you need reinforcement for a project soon? Then submit your drawing to us with the request for quotation and we will work it out for you with practical reinforcement solutions.

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