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Lattice girders: How many? What height? Placement?

20-04-2016 | J. van Wijngaarden

With lattice girders, reinforcing steel bars or reinforcing mesh can be kept at the desired distance in concrete floors and walls.

Lattice girders are produced with a rising per 10 mm, ranging from 50 mm upto 400 mm and are standard 2 meters long.

How many lattice girders do you need?

The guideline for the number of lattice girders: Floor area (m2) x 0.85 = number of required lattice girders.

Example floor = 4 x 6 meters. Area is therefore 24 m2. 24 x 0.85 = 20.4 = 21 pieces (always round up). Please note, this is a guideline.

Depending on the floor, this may differ, for example floors with many recesses or with heavier reinforcement (> Ø10 mm).

How do I determine the height of the lattice girder?

You can calculate the height of the lattice girders in the following way. Floor zone - coverage bottom - coverage top - 4 x diameter reinforcement = height lattice girder.

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Example floor: 200mm floor zone, 30mm coverage bottom, 25mm coverage top, 2 layers of reinforcement (Ø8mm). 200mm - 30mm - 25mm - 32mm (4 x 8mm) = 113mm = Height lattice girder 110mm .

Where do I place the lattice girder?

When you have determined the number, you can also determine the position. The guideline for the distance between the lattice girders is between 500 mm and 700 mm.

In the example floor of 24 m2 you have determined the number at 21 pieces. Over the length of 6 meters, you need 3 lattice girders (2 meters each). 21 lattice girders / 3 (1 row is 3 pieces) = 7 rows with a distance between 500 mm and 700 mm.

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General tips.

You can find more about the specifications of the lattice girders at specifications lattice girders .

The ends of reinforcing bars are sharp, so use gloves when processing the reinforcing steel.

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