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Use metal waterstop to prevent leaks

Afraid of getting moisture in your newly built basement? At least apply this measure: metal waterstop in the joint. Since this material is mounted during the creation of the foundation and it is attached to the reinforcement, we have it as standard in our range under the category 'Accessories'.

Where to apply?

Where a wall meets the floor, there is a seam. This seam is also called a (working) joint. The metal water stop is applied in concrete structures which are in contact with the ground. 

Moisture risk with a basement

Because the concrete of a basement is below ground level, there is a risk of moisture. At this level is groundwater and hydrostatic pressure is high. So a seam is definitely a place where moisture likes to seep in.
And for that seam, or working joint, we now have a product in our range: metal waterstop.

Image 1. The function of metal waterstop explained.

How do you use metal waterstop?

Metal waterstop is a steel joint tape and is used in places where moisture could become a problem. You use it to seal working joints, construction joints and contraction joints.

You attach the metal waterstop to the reinforcement and it can be used in both floors and walls. You do this with clamping brackets. You attach the brackets from our range every 70 cm and use two clamping brackets in the corners. This unit can withstand water pressure of up to 0.4 bar.

When extending the metal waterstop, use at least 300 mm overlap with an interval of 30 mm. And ensure a concrete cover of at least 30 mm. The metal waterstop is available in two different heights.

 metal waterstop in the seam between wall and floor

 Image 2. Overlap when extending metal waterstop.

Good luck with installing metal waterstop into your project. If you have any questions, we are always here for you.

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