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18-06-2019 | Wendy van Wijngaarden

In addition to the familiar reinforcing mesh, reinforcing bars, prefab rebar cages and footing cages, we also supply a number of other products. Our range has recently been expanded with for example:

  • Floor heating mesh
  • Chemical anchor
  • Double loop tying tool

Floor heating mesh
On floor heating mesh , the hoses of the floor heating can be attached. This is an inexpensive way to attach the hoses and they are especially suitable for thin floor heating. These mesh do not offer insulation, so are usually placed on top of insulating layer / floor. Other names for these mesh are cement screed mesh and shrink mesh. The mesh are without flying ends and available in the wire spacings 100x100, 150x150 and 200x200. The distance of the hoses depends on the type of heating: main or additional heating via the floor. The wire diameter is 3 mm and the floor heating mesh are galvanized to prevent rust in the concrete or natural stone floor on top of it.


Chemical anchor
For the chemical anchoring of flying ends, threaded ends, screws and bolts in solid surfaces such as concrete and masonry. For example, use a chemical anchor to connect an old and new foundation or if a pre-drilled hole is just too large. The components that are injected via the mixer spout will have a chemical reaction with each other and, after curing, make a strong connection with the environment. Packing unit 6 pieces or 12 pieces, including mixer.

Chemisch anker

Double loop tying tool 
Tying tool with hook for easy tying of reinforcing steel with double loop ties. These are metal double loop ties, the ideal solution for fast and problem-free tying. Tying wires can be used for various applications: tying of rebar, bags, guiding of plants, etc. Put the hook into the eyelets of the tying wire, one pull with the double loop tying tool and it is stuck.

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