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Reinforcing steel general
Can you weld reinforcing steel instead of tying? cooperates with university research
The history of reinforced concrete
Why is reinforcing steel used?
Reinforcing steel price index
3 interesting facts about rebar
Frequently asked questions (also about less frequently sold products)

Reinforcing bar
What about designation of rebar links?
Rebar with a standard length of 3 and 6m, why really?

Reinforcing mesh
Easy determination of reinforcing mesh
Customized reinforcing mesh, an update
What do reinforcing mesh cost?
Expansion of the web shop for customized reinforcing mesh
Why single directional mesh?
Reinforcing mesh, what are the possibilities?
Strip footing, what is it? 
Reinforcing mesh overview
How many reinforcing mesh do I need?

Lattice girders
Online reinforcement chairs
How many lattice girders should I use and at what height? 
Lattice girders (pdf)

Rebar cages
What are link cages?
Tying rebar cage, how does it work?
The right size of rebar cages
The different types of rebar cages

Footing cages
What is a footing cage?
Footing cages, the sustainable solution for your foundation

Cover spacers
Expansion of the range concrete spacers
Guidelines for spacers

Exposed rebar on the site? Then you should buy protective caps!
How much tying wire do I need?
Use metal waterstop to prevent leaks

Stainless steel rebar
Stainless steel rebar, the durable solution for constructions
What is stainless steel rebar?

Fibreglass reinforcement
Fiberglass reinforcement in construction

Construction kit
Reinforcement construction kit from also handy for the structural engineer
Rebar construction kit from Betonstaal