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Quick start mounting single directional mesh

You have received an offer from us in your mailbox. You go through it and single directional mesh catches your eye. What? Why not ordinary reinforcing mesh? These look completely different. How should I install them? Very understandable questions. That's why you can watch the video below at your leisure to see the principle of single directional mesh.


Single directional mesh are is a good solution for floors with a larger surface area. And if you need a steel diameter of 10 or 12 mm,  single directional mesh are much easier to lift and handle. They are a maximum of 50 kg., but are still 6 m. long. So it is easy to handle with two people.

Single directional mesh consist of longitudinal bars, held together by a number of transverse bars. Laying the mesh at right angles to each other creates a reinforcement layer with the desired wire spacing. Material loss due to lapping length is minimal because the mesh only need to be overlapped lengthwise.

Do you still have questions after watching the video? Or another reinforcement question? You can always call us. We will be happy to help you.

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