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Tying rebar cages, how does that work?

26-07-2017 | J. van Wijngaarden

Rebar cages are intended as reinforcement. These cages are applied in concrete. This simply makes concrete into reinforced concrete. This reinforcement may be necessary because concrete can absorb compressive forces but hardly tensile forces. In the case of a buidling or other construction, tensile forces occur almost inevitably. That is why this reinforcement is almost always needed. But how does tying of a rebar cage work?

What is it made of?

Rebar is a sustainable product. Rebar is made of, among other things, old cars, refrigerators or old fences. These old metals are collected and sorted, for example by a municipal waste collection facility and by a scrap dealer. Eventually these metals end up at a blast furnace. Here this material is extremely heated and liquid steel is created by subsequent chemical reactions. This liquid steel is transformed into rectangular plastic line spacers. These bars are then re-heated and formed by powerful rolls to the desired diameter of reinforcing bars. Recycling old metals thus actually yields something!

Wapeningskorven vlechten

Tying a rebar cage

The reinforcing bars go from the blast furnaces to the reinforcing steel processing plants. These factories cut, bend and weld the reinforcing steel into the desired shapes that serve as foundation. Tying a rebar cage means that the reinforcing bars of the right diameter are cut and bent and are connected with tying wire in such way that a kind of cage of reinforcing steel is created which can be applied in the concrete. Because the tying of a rebar cage requires accuracy, it is important to have this done by a specialized company. On the basis of drawings, the dimensions, shapes and components for the suitable rebar cages can be calculated.

Customized or prefab?

Rebar cages can be customized. In this way it is possible to provide the right reinforcement for every construction. For these customized rebar cages, you can choose from different shapes and cage ends, in diameters of Ø8mm / Ø10mm / Ø12mm / Ø16mm and up to a length of 6000mm. There is a wide range of links and customized reinforcing bars. With the help of 3D rebar cage drawings, the customized ordering of rebar cages is clearer because it is revealed what exactly is needed for the right size. The prefab rebar cages are suitable for the most common concrete beam cross-sections with a length of 3000mm in diameters Ø10mm and Ø12mm and available in 3 different cage ends. They are available with 3 different cage ends, so that interconnecting rebar cages is quick and easy.

Do you have specific wishes about the possibilities of customized rebar cages? Or do you want to know if that what you need is possible with a prefab rebar cage? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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