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RebarAssist in full development

RebarAssist was launched about a year ago. A 3D viewer for rebar with intuitive selection functions. Which gives you insight into what you are buying, how the structure is constructed in detail and how to assemble the rebar. Over the past year, this application has been further improved.

What is RebarAssist again?

At, we are committed to innovating and applying modern ICT capabilities for ordering and working out rebar. So that rebar is accessible to everyone. RebarAssist visualises the reinforcement construction as clearly as possible. You as a customer see a project in 3D in the browser. Simply via a link in the quotation and order list. Various selection and filter functions allow you to highlight parts and check whether everything has been processed correctly.

In de RebarAssist kun je selecteren op diameter
Figure 1 A new feature is selecting by diameter

Clearer names

The first version contained a number of abbreviations. These have now been clarified. In the loose reinforcement section, for example, it said LO and LB. Now the O en B are explained in Dutch. These examples are about Lower and upper reinforcement. These abbreviations and designations will be supplemented over time.

Selecting on diameter

Due to customer reactions, selection by diameter has been added. Especially work planners make a lot of use of this function. Each diameter has its own colour. Per diameter, there is the choice to see it coloured or grey in the model. So it can be seen at a glance where, for example, Ø8 is when the other diameters are plotted. This makes it easy to check whether the elaboration has gone well.

  • RebarAssist has been improved in several ways. Especially the function select by diameter is useful. For example, you can see at a glance where Ø8 is in the 3D model.

Selecting by item

In another menu, you can filter by parts in a similar way. Each part type (rebar cages, U links, etc.) has a separate colour. In this way, you can see where the various parts should be placed.

The RebarAssist as part of the order

This 3D viewer in itself is handy, but it should really be seen as part of the entire rebar ordering and processing process. Already in the quotation phase, a link to the RebarAssist is sent to you. The parts list is linked to the RebarAssist and in this way you have good insight into what is ordered. Everything is easy to check. Contact with customer service is also efficient: both parties see the same thing on their screens. 

And during the construction process, the 3D model can also be grabbed. All physical parts have a code on a label. These codes correspond to the codes in RebarAssist.

All in all, the RebarAssist provides clarity. This prevents a lot of communication and consultation and it reduces the likelihood of errors.

There is always room for improvement

Do you still miss anything in RebarAssist? Do you have a wish or idea for even more functionalities? Let us know! Further development is in our DNA.

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