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A 3D viewer with intuitive selection functions. This gives you insight into what you are buying, how the construction is built up in detail and how the reinforcement is mounted. And all without passwords or installation of special software. You simply open RebarAsssist with your project in the browser.

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Quickly a 3D reinforcement model with low error rate
3D model deviates from 2D drawings

Optimal insight with RebarAssist

With our RebarAssist, you see exactly how the reinforcement construction is constructed in detail and how to assemble it.

This gives you greater certainty from the moment of ordering, optimum ease of use and makes your project easy and efficient to implement.

With every elaboration of a construction project, we supply a free 3D model in your quotation. You can view the model with our RebarAssist.

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RebarAssist - Optimal insight with RebarAssist