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Nieuw online: reinforcement chairs

24-05-2022 | M.E. de Jong

More and more often, requests are coming in for very thick concrete floors. For thicker floors, the usual lattice girders are not sufficient, but a lattice girder is still required. A reinforcement chair can be used for this.

What is a reinforcement chair?

Reinforcement chairs look like bars bent into a Z or inverted U reinforcement. They contribute to the stability of the reinforcement bars during the pouring of concrete.

Why do you use reinforcement chairs?

By using a reinforcement chairs, you ensure that the desired distance is maintained between reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh on concrete floors.

More specific:

The reinforcement stays in place.

  • The distance between the top and bottom reinforcement is maintained.
  • It increases the stress capacity of concrete.

The reinforcement chairs hold the reinforcement firmly in place, so that the concrete can properly enclose the reinforcement from all sides.


When do you use reinforcement chairs?

You use reinforcement chairs when a very thick floor is required.

 Examples are:
- Civil projects such as the construction of a bridge.
- Silo and tank foundations that are subject to heavy loads.
- Halls where heavy machinery is to be placed.
- A local weighting of a floor.
- Projects where heavy/thick footings are used for a steel construction.


Now also in our webshop!

Because of the increasing demand, now also easily available online.

The reinforcement chairs start from 310mm up to 500mm per, 10mm increasing for the right distance between the bottom and top reinforcement of the concrete floor.

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