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Reinforcement construction kit from; also useful for the contractor

09-04-2020 | W. van Wijngaarden

Do you often receive a quotation with unclear drawings for the reinforcement of your construction projects, is the parts list a puzzle and do you spend a lot of time calling suppliers? At you receive clear drawings and parts lists, you save time, there is less chance of errors in the ordering and manufacturing process and the mounting of the reinforcement is as simple as possible. Read more about our reinforcement construction kit below and find out how it works.

Types of construction projects

You can request a construction kit from for the reinforcement of all kinds of different building objects: a house, annex to a house, basement, industrial building, shed or block of houses.

A quick quote

Customization, service and efficiency; that's why we do what we do. Requesting a quote for the reinforcement of your construction project is therefore well arranged. Fill in the contact form on the website and attach the 2D or 3D drawings in PDF / DWG format or as an IFC model. Then we will start to design the reinforcement in a practical way in 3D. The design uses as many prefab parts and customized reinforcing mesh as possible. We aim to have the detailed quotation with a 3D model of the reinforcement in your mailbox within two days.

Clear drawings and complete parts list

In the quotation you will find everything you need to order the constuction kit and to assemble the reinforcement at a later stage. You will receive a new, clear drawing of all prefab parts and a assembly plan. So no scribbles on the drawing you supplied. There is a clear parts list per drawing. The parts list numbers correspond to the assembly plan and the labels on the reinforcement that will eventually be delivered.


3D-model and price

Via a link in the email you can easily reach your shopping cart on the website. We have already filled it for you with all the products you need. One of the products in your shopping cart is the 3D model. You can use this to open the reinforcement design and view it from all sides . The reinforcement has been worked out in detail and can be supplied as an IFC model, so that you can use it directly in your BIM model. And, not unimportant, you receive a market-based total price from us.

Show 3D model

Easy to order

Before you buy, everything is clear in advance: how much of each product you need, how the reinforcement should be applied and what it costs. Surprises afterwards are a thing of the past. If you agree with the quote, all you have to do is add your personal details to the shopping cart and your order will arrive at us with just one click of a button.

Production without transfer errors

If you decide to order from us, the drawings of the prefab parts, the parts list and production files go to our suppliers. Most suppliers have machines that can read the controlled production files directly. So no transfer errors and time savings!

Smooth delivery construction kit

The ordered reinforcement will be delivered in 4-6 working days to the address specified by you. The labels on the products correspond to the assembly plan, making delivery easy to check. Is the delivery correct? Then you can immediately start applying the reinforcement according to the assembly plan.

Easy assembling and good working conditions

Because the design uses as many prefabricated parts and customized reinforcing mesh as possible, less cutting, bending and additional reinforcement is required on the construction site. This saves time and requires less specialized staff. Moreover, because fewer adjustments are required on the construction site, safety increases. This is particularly the case when applying reinforcement for walls: less standing on scaffolding or ladders to cut and adjust. The use of mainly prefab parts also benefits the physical load on the rebar processors. Because there is less tying of the rebar, repetitive bending and turning with the forearm are also reduced. Naturally, the lifting standard is taken into account in the design.


At we are constantly looking to improve our service and to process information more efficiently. We use the feedback from our customers for this. At the moment we are working on:

  • Building in filters in 3D model so you can easily view certain parts. For example, choose to see only the reinforcement of the floor or wall or only all rebar cages of the foundation.
  • Reducing the number of assembly drawings. Now you get different assembly drawings in your shopping cart, these are an average of four. We are working on that you will soon receive a “booklet” containing the iassembly plan as one product in the shopping cart. This makes the shopping cart clearer.


Do you have questions about the kit? Or need advice on reinforcement? We offer a dedicated team of reinforcement specialists to help you get the most out of your projects. 



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