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Reinforcing mesh, what are the possibilities?

10-11-2017 | J. van Wijngaarden

In order to reinforce concrete, mesh made of steel are usually used. These are the so-called reinforcing mesh. These mesh consist of bars that are welded together. This creates a sort of net with meshes that can vary in size. The diameter of the used steel can also differ. Reinforcement must have the correct diameter and size in connection with the function of rebar. Concrete itself absorbs the pressure forces that a building applies. Concrete reinforcement ensures that the tensile forces are sufficiently absorbed. What exactly are the possibilities for reinforcing mesh?

Prefab reinforcing mesh

Reinforcing mesh are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Standard reinforcing mesh, such as BEC , PS and P mesh are well known within the construction industry. We have been working with these standard reinforcing mesh for years. Because these standard reinforcement meshes are known and implemented by many, the availability is very good and the prices are favorable. It can be mass-produced and they are always in stock.

Betonmatten, wat zijn de mogelijkheden?

Customized reinforcing mesh

Sometimes standard mesh are not possible. offers you the opportunity to make customized reinforcing mesh. The advantages of customized mesh are that you don' t have any superfluous reinforcing steel  and the mesh fits exactly. Therefore it is easy and efficient to process and apply on the construction site. Moreover, the dimensions can be adjusted to transport options.

How many reinforcing mesh are needed?

Determining the correct number and type of reinforcing mesh for slab reinforcement depends on various matters, such as the diameter of the reinforcement, the accessibility of the construction site and the way of transport. Do you know the mesh surface? Then calculate the required number with the  reinforcing mesh calculator .

The production

Reinforcing mesh are made of reinforcing steel. This rebar is, among other things, made of old metals from old cars, fridges or fences. These old metals are extremely heated in a blast furnace. Liquid steel is produced from the subsequent chemical reactions. This liquid steel is transformed into rectangular plastic line spacers. These bars are then re-heated and formed by powerful rolls to the desired diameter of reinforcing bars. These bars can be further processed into, among other things, reinforcing mesh.

Do you have specific wishes about the possibilities of customized reinforcing mesh? Or do you want to know if the reinforcing mesh you need is included the prefab possibilities or whether a customized solution is needed? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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