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Rebar B500A / B / C, what is the difference?

31-05-2016 | A. van Wijngaarden

The mutual difference between the reinforcing steel types B500A, B500B and B500C.

Reinforcing steel typeB500AB500BB500C
Surfacesmooth, dented, ribbeddented, ribbedribbed
Form of deliverycoils, bars, spot-welded reinforcing mesh, lattice girderscoils, bars, spot-welded reinforcing mesh
Nominal centerline [mm]4 - 166 - 506 - 50
Min. yield point Re [MPa]500500500
Min. Rm/Re ratio1,05a1,081,15c;<1,35
Min. elongation at max load Agt [%]3,0a, b5,0b7,5b,c
Min. fatigue strength 2σad [MPa]100d ≤ 28 mm: 175
d> 28 mm: 145
d ≤ 28 mm: 175
d> 28 mm: 145
Min. shear force
- spot-welded mesh Fs
- lattice girdere Fw/d [kN]

0.25 x An x Re 0.25 x A0/b x Re,0/b
or 0.6 x Ad x Re,d

0.25 x An x Re 0.25 x A0/b x Re,0/b
or 0.6 x Ad x Re,d


0.25 x An x Re


Tolerance nominal centerline [%]+/- 4.5+/- 4.5+/- 4.5
Chem. composition [mass%]C < 0.22, etc
Ceq < 0.50
C < 0.22, etc
Ceq < 0.50
C < 0.22, etc
Ceq < 0.50
Min. relative area cross rib,
d = 4.0 - 6.0: 0.039 d = 9.0 - 10.5: 0.052
d = 6.5 - 8.5: 0.045 d = 11.0 - 50: 0.056
a) Rm / Re1.03 and Agt 2.0 for center lines ≤ 5.5 mm
b) Agt for coils + 0.5%
c) Rm / Re min. 1.13 and Agt 7.0% for center lines ≤ 12 mm
d) Maximum tension ripple 2σa with a maximum tension 0.6 Re,k (300 MPa) and 1 million alternations. For spot-welded reinforcing mesh B500B and B500C, 2σa is at least 100 MPa. For coil-oriented products, 2σa is at least 100 MPa, unless a higher value (≤ 175 MPa) is statistically demonstrated for the maximum diameter used and for the targeting machine (type) concerned.
e) For lattice girders, the lower bars must comply with B500A and/or B500B with the fR/P requirement. The upper bars and diagonals may be reinforcing steel with only the requirements of Re,d and the chemical composition.
f) For coils fR (ribbed) + 15%, fP (dented) + 5%. No requirement for weakly profiled/dented reinforcing steel (lattice girders).


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This information has been compiled with the utmost care. If nevertheless inaccuracies or imperfections occur, accepts no liability for the possible consequences thereof. [source: NEN 6008: 2008]


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