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Reinforcing steel, from old iron to reinforcement

11-11-2016 | J. van Wijngaarden

Old cars, fridges or fencing as the basis of your foundation. The production process of reinforcing steel starts with the collection and sorting of old metals. Via environmental waste and old-iron traders these metals eventually end up at a blast furnace. An installation in which old metals and / or iron ore are extemely heated and liquid steel is formed by subsequent chemical reactions.

Betonstaal, van oud ijzer tot wapening

The liquid steel is transformed into rectangular long bars, also called billets. These bars are then re-heated and formed by powerful rollers to the desired diameter of reinforcing steel .

The reinforcing steel goes from the blast furnaces to the reinforcing steel processing plants. These factories cut, bend and weld the reinforcing steel into the desired shapes that are needed for your foundation.

Watch this video for the production process of a blast furnace:


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