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Strip footing, what is it?

19-10-2017 | J. van Wijngaarden

A strip footing is a method of foundation on a solid surface, also called foundation on steel. A soil survey and the size of the house determine whether this method is suitable. Often a strip footing is applied to houses that are built on sandy soil.

The strips of a strip footing, are made of reinforced concrete. The concrete serves for the compressive forces and the reinforcing steel for the tensile forces. The walls of the house will be placed on these reinforced foundation strips.

The height and width of the strips are determined by a  Cone Penetration Test (soil testing) and the size of the building. A commonly used estimation for the width of the foundation strip is 2.5 to 3 times the width of the wall that will be placed on it. This results in a width of approximately 70 to 90 cm.


Standard strip foundation mesh  are often used for reinforcement of the strip footing. These are reinforcing mesh with flying ends on one short side. The flying ends ensure a good connection with the following strip foundation mesh. The standard length is 3580 mm and the width between 520 mm and 1120 mm.


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