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Useful calculation tools and guidelines

20-09-2019 | W. van Wijngaarden

Do you have doubts about how many mesh or spacers you need for your construction project when ordering? has various handy calculation tools and guidelines. This way you can easily determine how much you should order from a product. Below you will find an overview of the products for which guidelines can be found on the site.

Reinforcing mesh
Do you know the floor area of the room? Then you can easily calculate the required number of reinforcing mesh with the reinforcing mesh calculator. Enter the area, the diameter and wire spacing and the calculator gives you information about which type of reinforcing mesh are suitable, the required number and the price per piece.

bouwstaalmatten calculator

Weight rebar
To determine the weight of the the reinforcing bars that you want to order, enter the diameter and total length of the bars in the calculation tool . You will know the weight with one push on the button.

Lattice girders
In concrete floors lattice girders can be used to keep the reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh at a desired distance from each other. If you know the area of the floor, you also know the number of lattice girders required with this guideline: area (m 2 ) x 0.85.

plaatsing supportliggers

Spacers ensure the correct concrete coverage between the reinforcement and the formwork. There are spacers in various sizes, shapes and materials. The guideline differs per type of spacer or application for the number of correct spacers:

  • Plastic spacers, wheel or flat base: 6 spacers per 1000 mm rebar cage
  • Concrete spacers (small) for rebar cages: 3 spacers per 1000 mm cage
  • Concrete spacers (large and small) for slab reinforcement: 3 spacers per 1 m 2
  • Concrete spacer bars: 2,5 spacer bars per 1 m 2
  • Plastic line spacers: mesh surface (m 2 ) x 0.85

Pay attention when ordering that the number of pieces per package is stated per type of spacer! The number varies from 25 to 500 spacers.

Bottom plate pegs
Rebar pegs to secure bottom plates or lost formworks. To be used in combination with all base and wall plates. When using an Isobouw power box, the following guideline applies: 1 per base plate and 2 per corner piece.

Do you still need advice on the amount of required materials? Please contact us, we will gladly help you further.