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Video of T-connection rebar cages with bayonet

In January, we launched a video on the T-connection of rebar cages. Back then, it was about connections with an open cage with U-links. But if you have a rebar cage with a bayonet end, the actions are slightly different. We are happy to explain those to you again.


A T-connection is made with rebar cages when mounting the reinforcement of a foundation. Rebar cages are available in many different versions. Prefab rebar cages usually has 3 different types of ends. The bayonet (type 1), closed (type 2) or open (type 3) end. How the cages will be connected depends on the type of rebar cage. Sometimes the structural engineer determines in advance which type to use. This last video is about a T-connection with a type 1 basket, so a bayonet end.

Watch the last video here




This version of a T-connection a cage has to be cut open. So keep the bolt cutter handy. The images with the accompanying text speak for themselves. Note that the U-links and the single bar used are of constructive value. So it is important that they have the right lapping length.

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In our Knowledge Centre, we have a lot more information on rebar mounting. There are several videos among them that surely will be of great help for your construction project.

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