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What are link cages?

26-10-2018 | J. van Wijngaarden

A link cage is used as a connection between a rebar cage and reinforcing mesh. Flying ends or hook links are required if this is indicated in the construction drawing of a foundation. These flying ends ensure that the reinforcement continues from the concrete beam to the floor.



The drawing also indicates at how many mm this flying end / hook link should be placed and what the rebar diameter should be. This is often every 150 mm with a diameter of D8 mm. To be able to place these flying ends / hook links efficiently and quickly, links cages have been designed.

These are cages, with flying ends / hook links welded to one or more auxiliary bars. The length of the cages depend on the number of required flying ands, but cages between 3000 and 4000 mm are efficiently to work with. With this you are be able to place 26 flying ends in one go with a cage of 4000mm and with flying ends with a center-to-center distance (mutual pitch distance) of 150mm.



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