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What is a footing cage?

09-03-2021 | W. van Wijngaarden

In this article we will explain what a footing cage is and what it is used for.

Footing cage ensures the transfer and distribution of forces

A footing cage is used constructively in a building for support and ensures the transfer of forces from the structure to the bearing ground or base. A column, for example made of steel, which is relatively narrow, can cause point load on a floor, which could cause the (storey) floor to collapse at that location. This is prevented with a footing cage between the column and the ground. Because the reinforcement of the base has continuous, bent bars at the bottom, the forces are distributed over a larger area.

reinforcement of a footing
Figure 1 The reinforcement transfers forces

Figure 2 After pouring the concrete, the footing is formed

Ready-to-use: precast concrete  footings

In the above description, the footing is formed by applying cage reinforcement, formwork and then pouring the concrete. However, ready-to-use precast concrete footings are also available in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. These are mainly used when making a roof, carport or veranda. The footing is then generally placed on a (foundation)pad. Even now, the foundations ensure that the forces from the building are distributed to the bearing soil. And this prevents the whole from subsiding but also being blown over. When the building is made with wooden beams, the concrete footing also ensures that the moisture from the ground cannot penetrate into the wood.

precast concrete footings

 Figure 3 Different sizes and shapes of precast concrete footings

Footing tower crane

Of a quiet different format is a footing for a tower crane. When a tower crane is needed on a construction site, it must of course be stable. The crane is mounted on a kind of concrete platform. This is called the footing for a tower crane.  When the crane is no longer needed on the construction site, the crane is disassembled and the footing is being demolished.

tower crane
Figure 4 Tower crane on a construction site

Reinforcement for footing cage available with

In our range we have reinforcement for:

  1. standard footing cage
  2. customized footing cages

Standard footing cages:

With the standard footing cages you will find the most common heights and cross-sections:

- Footing cage (H 500mm – L 230mm – B 230mm)
- Footing cage (H 700mm – L 230mm – B 230mm)
- Footing cage (H 900mm – L 230mm – B 230mm)

Customized footing cages:

You can indicate which dimensions and diameters you need, specifying which link type and the positions of the links. When ordering footing cages, you probably also need a reinforcing mesh for underneath. Soon you will be able to create the footing cages on the website with a 3D viewer. Then you can immediately see what the footing cage you order will look like. This reduces the chance of ordering errors.

Do you prefer advice when ordering footing ages? Then contact us.

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