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What is BIM?

19-03-2024 | ME de Jong

There is a perception that 3D is the same as BIM. Of course, deals a lot with 3D. So it's high time to delve into BIM. No, BIM is not the same as 3D. However, 3D does fit nicely into BIM. We explain that step by step in this article.

The construction chain is long. Client, architect, structural engineer, all kinds of consultants, contractors, rebarworkers and so on. Each party contributes within its own piece of the chain. And often communicates within that part of the process. It is then passed on to the next party and during the construction process, the chances of miscommunication and thus construction errors are naturally high.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) goes beyond 'ordinary' drawings and paper documents.  It involves an integrated approach with digital representations of both the visual and functional properties of a building or infrastructure. And yes, that's in 3D. With a wealth of information linked to it, such as volumes and areas, already in the design stage. This allows the design to be tested early on for things like budget and other requirements and conditions.

BIM goes beyond 3D. It is a way of working that is all about sustainability, control and results.

Definition of BIM

With BIM, the design of a building object is converted into a virtual 3D model on the computer. This includes all views, dimensions, building elements, material data, location details, etc., integrated and interconnected.

Benefits of BIM

  1. Collaboration and coordination:
    BIM promotes collaboration among different stakeholders, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers. The model serves as a common basis in which all parties integrate their contributions, leading to better coordination and communication. Ultimately, this leads to higher quality.
  2. Error detection and optimisation:
    By creating a detailed digital model at an early stage, potential errors and conflicts can be identified and resolved before the construction phase starts. This minimises costly errors and optimises the design and construction process. In addition, there is a shorter lead time.
  3. Efficiency and cost control:
    BIM makes it possible to extract accurate quantities and generate cost estimates based on the digital model. This allows project teams to make better decisions regarding cost control and efficient use of resources. Work can be done faster and more efficiently and there are fewer failure costs.
  4. Lifecycle management: 
    BIM is used not only during the design and construction phases, but also throughout the life cycle of a building, structure, etc. It provides valuable information for maintenance, renovation and eventually demolition, promoting sustainability and efficiency.


IFC is a file format that describes the data on shape and dimensions (of a section) of the project. The IFC file is open format. It is defined in an ISO standard. As a result, different software packages can handle it. For example, our drawing package. If you have an IFC file, we use the shape of the concrete to draw the reinforcement in it. All reinforcement we draw can be converted to IFC.

BIM and converts the structural 2D drawings into a 3D model. This can be viewed with RebarAssist (a 3D viewer developed by The bill of materials is linked to the 3D model, so you can see exactly what needs to be placed where. This ensures that you only order what you need. The vision of fully aligns with BIM.


Building Information Model goes beyond a technological advance; it is a fundamental change in thinking within the construction industry. It includes not only 3D, but much more information. Such as the properties of all elements. The more data is added, the more valuable the information available about the structure becomes. This can also be in terms of time and planning, budget, management and maintenance.

By promoting collaboration, minimising errors and optimising processes, BIM contributes to more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective construction projects. And of course, as, we can only support this.

At, you will receive a free 3D model (worth at least €80) with your quote.

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