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What is stainless steel rebar?

14-08-2018 | J.van Wijngaarden

What is stainless steel rebar?

Stainless steel rebar , also called Inox, is an alloy of mainly iron, chromium, nickel and carbon. The oxide skin of a stainless material seals the underlying material well, so that in certain cases no further rust will occur or this corrosion will be delayed. This has the advantage that no decay of concrete will occur when the concrete is damaged, which is the case with standard reinforcing steel.

Inox Betonstaal -

Suitable for saline environments

External influences can affect the concrete, and ultimately the reinforcing steel. Consider, for example, moist environments with regular exposure to salt, seawater or road salt. Stainless steel rebar is not sensitive to this. In a salty environment, it is therefore more sustainable to use stainless steel rebar.

Non-magnetic stainless steel rebar

There is also non-magnetic stainless steel rebar available, also known as Cryogenic. This is necessary for rooms with sensitive equipment such as hospitals, control centers or server rooms. Do you have a situation in which the presence of magnetic fields plays a role? Then order customized stainless steel rebar.

Example projects with stainless steel rebar

Stainless steel rebar is used in situations where rebar must be able to withstand weather influences and in non-magnetic environments. For this reason stainless steel rebar is being used at:

  • Concrete repair and concrete renovation projects.
  • As an outer layer of reinforcement at quays, bridges and viaducts.
  • Foundation of buildings or rooms with sensitive equipment.

Processing of stainless steel rebar

Just as with rebar, stainless steel rebar can also be cut, bent and welded. The steel must be processed with machines which are coated with stainless steel to prevent the stainless steel from being contaminated with carbon steel. Stainless steel tying wire must also be used for tying the stainless steel rebar.

Welding points must be post-treated so that no rust forms here. In this way stainless steel rebar can be used in a versatile way and is suitable for various situations.

Why do you order stainless steel from us?

We supply stainless steel rebar in various lengths and diameters. You can request a quote for your project directly. You can also order customized stainless steel rebar within 3 steps: choose the shape, specify the dimensions / angles and calculate your price!

Questions about customized stainless steel rebars ? Please contact us and we're glad to help.

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