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When is your concrete delivered?

You have a delivery date for concrete. When will your rebar arrive? 

Before we give you the answer, here's what. It's relevant. And also valuable for your network.

We would like to introduce you to a highly esteemed colleague. He is not only our colleague, but also yours! At a distance. He arranges a lot for you. Even when he doesn't have to.

And that is exactly why we are writing this article: to save you from a stressful situation.

Because no matter how hard Alperen tries... sometimes even he can't do magic.

Alperen Agca is our Commercial Employee. We often get a big smile from him because he talks to customers in a very direct way. He tells you exactly like it is. You know immediately what you can expect from him. We regularly hear him say, "I'm going to see what I can do for you." And then he pulls out all the stops to arrange the impossible for our customers. Truly a topper! Someone you want in your network.

That seeing what he can do for you is often preceded by another question:

"When is your concrete delivered?"

We hear him say this dozens of times daily.

The answer is regular: "The day after the rebar is delivered."

And that's where the stress begins.

That there has to be concrete, there is no doubt about that.
But "Oh yes, that reinforcement has to go in too."
And then the schedule is on tight.  

We list some reasons why the day before is too short:

Something is not going quite right with the processing
There is no time to go through it again to make sure everything is right. There can be no follow-up delivery if something is still needed unexpectedly. On the spur of the moment, you have to arrange things. And once it's there, it also has to be processed. If you are lucky, it will be the day of the concrete pour, just before that truck comes round the corner. Not very nice.

Something goes wrong with the inspection
Unexpectedly, your project is rejected. There is no time to deliver it properly. And next comes your concrete.

When you order rebar, you get it delivered sometime on the agreed date.
That means, that could also be at the end of the afternoon. Then there will be no time to process it before the concrete is delivered the following day.

Plan at least(!) 1 day between the delivery of the reinforcement and the delivery of the concrete.

If you have the concrete delivered immediately the day after the delivery of the reinforcement, that is just too short a day.

All it takes is for something to go wrong and you have a big problem. You don't just put concrete in the corner next to the reinforcing mesh until you start processing it. Then it becomes quite a block.

Sooooo... get yourself a relaxed build.

Then you'll give everyone a big smile.

Good luck with the build.