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Why single directional mesh?

16-03-2018 | J. van Wijngaarden

Due to the newest requirements regarding the lapping length of reinforcing bars and working conditions, there is a demand for liftable mesh, which can be processed with 2 people. Especially when laying large floor areas or floors with 10 mm or 12 mm reinforcement.

The rule of thumb for lapping length, according to Eurocode 2 and under good concrete adhesion conditions, is 50 x the diameter of the reinforcing bars.

The standard for lifting and carrying is:

  • Lifting and carrying with two hands up to 25 kg (two people may lift and carry double).
  • Subject to conditions, in the case of indoor floors where the roof has already been installed, reinforcing mesh between 50 and 100 kg may be supplied and processed by four people.

To meet the aforementioned question, so-called single directional mesh have been developed. Single directional mesh are mesh that consist of longitudinal bars that are held together by a number of cross bars. Placing the mesh at right angles to each other creates a reinforcement layer with the desired wire spacing. The limited number of bars ensures that the mesh can be lifted properly and that you can easily lay larger surfaces with them manually. The material loss due to lapping length is minimal, because the mesh only have to be overlapped in the longitudinal direction.



Single directional mesh, the benefits:

  • Can be lifted with 2 people (maximum 50 kg).
  • Material saving in connection with lapping length only in the longitudinal direction.
  • According to the Eurocode 2.

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