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Why Stainless steel / Inox reinforcement?

19-06-2015 | A. van Wijngaarden

Reinforcing steel in combination with concrete is the backbone of many construction projects with great advantages over other building materials due to the combination of cheap raw materials, a versatile product and high strength.

One of the drawbacks is that decay of concrete can occur when the concrete is damaged and because of outside influences. Furthermore, reinforcing steel is magnetic (which is sometimes undesirable). In order to use the advantages of reinforcing steel in a concrete construction, but to prevent the disadvantages of rust and magnetism, stainless steel / Inox reinforcement  is available.

Roestvaste wapening

Stainless steel reinforcement is not dependent on the concrete coverage (protection against rust / decay of concrete) and is a simple solution if the concrete is affected by a salty environment (salty sea wind, seawater or road salt). Stainless steel / Inox reinforcement is also the solution in an environment of sensitive equipment (hospitals, server rooms) where magnetic fields are not desirable. For constructions where a long service life is expected, stainless steel reinforcement is also a good option.

Stainless steel / Inox reinforcement is a very economical and sustainable solution for the construction industry. The purchase costs of stainless steel / Inox reinforcement are higher, but once applied it is maintenance-free and the recurring maintenance costs expire.

Application areas of stainless steel reinforcement include:

  • Foundations and walls of buildings or rooms with sensitive equipment.
  • Concrete repair and concrete renovation projects.
  • The outer layer of reinforcement at quays and bridge piers in hydraulic engineering.

The stainless steel reinforcement can be cut, bent and welded just like rebar. The welding points should be treated to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel tying wire is used during processing at the construction site.

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