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3D configurator to order customized rebar cages

23-10-2020 | W. van Wijngaarden

What you see is what you get; that's what we like. That is why we have a new way to order customized rebar cages on our website. With the 3D viewer you can immediately see what the cage will look like that you order and you can view it from all sides.

See the completed specifications of the rebar cage immediately

When you order a customized rebar cage, there are a lot of specifications to fill in. In addition to the length and link distance of the rebar cage, you must also enter the type of link, link specifications, amount and thickness of top bars, bottom bars and side bars and the type of cage end. In the ordering module with 3D viewer, you can see immediately the changes of the rebar cage after entering each specification.


Less change of mistakes

Of course, the least you want is making a mistake when ordering customized products. This could delay the construction process and, moreover, customized products cannot be exchanged or returned. Did you make a mistake while ordering and entered values in centimeters instead of millimeters? With this 3D viewer you immediately see that the cage does not look the way you envisioned and your mistake is quickly corrected. You may also have thought of a certain bracket distance. But by seeing the reinforcement cage in the 3D viewer you find out that a different distance is better. Just change and you can order the right rebar cage.

Convenient functions in the order overview

Once you have created the rebar cage and have added it to the shopping cart, there are useful functions in the order overview.

Functions order overview

You can copy the cage, which will be added to the order list. If you then click on “Change specifications”, you can adjust the rebar cage. Handy if, for example, you need the same reinforcement cage with both an open and closed cage end.

By clicking on “View specifications”, you will get a clear drawing of the rebar cage you have put together.

specifications rebar cage

Links in your order

When your order is completed, you can still use all these useful functions. In the email you receive with all the products ordered by you, there are links to the 3D viewer and drawings with specifications of the rebar cage.

links in your mail

Share your experiences

At we are continuously looking for improvement of our service and for processing information more efficiently. This new feature on our website is still under development. So we are curious about your experiences with the new reinforcement cage 3D configurator! Mail them to

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