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02-11-2021 | W. van Wijngaarden

Just like last year, is among the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. And this is again rewarded with a FD Gazellen award.

 GFD Gazelle award for in 2021

Independent award

The Financieel Dagblad hands out the FD Gazellen awards every year. Because the award is only determined on the basis of figures, it is an independent award. The increase in turnover over the past three years is assessed. But also the growth in the number of employees, i.e. the creation of jobs, is taken into account. The latter indicates that the company has delivered added value.

Windfall in Corona Time

Because of Corona and economic contraction, it was expected that there would be substantially fewer Gazelle Awards. However, this has turned out to be very less than expected. Compared to 2020, there are 10% fewer awards to be presented this year. As a company, we are of course proud that we were able to achieve this result.

Awards ceremony on November 25

This year's awards will be presented on November 25 per. The bronze, silver and gold FD Gazelles will then be awarded by region and catergory, the winner of the top 100 will be announced, as well as the Oryx award for the most outstanding Gazelle.

Continuing the course

This award and the satisfaction of our customers give us an extra boost to continue with the developments in the areas of customization, service and efficiency.