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Customized reinforcing mesh, the future?

25-09-2015 | J. van Wijngaarden

Standard reinforcing mesh, such as BEC , PS and P mesh are well known within the construction industry. These standard reinforcing mesh have been used for many years. Because these standard reinforcing mesh are known and implemented by many, the availability is very good and the prices are favorable. It can be mass-produced and the materials can be delivered from stock.

However, the development of reinforcing steel producing machines has not stood still in recent years. For example, robots have now made their appearance in reinforcing steel processing centers and machines have been made more powerful and smarter. The software to control these machines is also developing at a rapid pace,  making production even faster and more efficient. 


Thanks to the combination of these smart machines and developed software, customized reinforcing mesh  have become more and more accessible and affordable. This is also becoming increasingly interesting for small batches of mesh. The benefits such as; work more efficiently at the construction site, no superfluous reinforcement or waste, optimal coordination of the logistics (just in time deliveries) are better to calculate and  often outweigh the disadvantage of a higher price.

Betonstaal op maat machine

In addition to the application for the use of reinforcing mesh, it is also possible for these machines to make bent constructions. For example, a U-link cage is directly processed from a reinforcing mesh with two bends and a reinforcement cage is a reinforcing mesh with five bends.

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