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Rain flexibility: postponement of rebar deliveries

14-11-2023 | ME de Jong

It's autumn again, and with that comes rain, of course. Rainy days can pose a challenge for construction projects, and we understand that. Therefore, we offer customers the option to postpone the delivery of reinforcement steel if the weather doesn't cooperate.

  • Important to knowCustomers can contact us up to 2 working days in advance, before 12:00 PM, to reschedule the delivery.

We want construction projects to run smoothly, even when weather conditions do not allow it.

Example: If you're scheduled to receive reinforcement steel on Wednesday, you can call or email us by Monday at the latest, before 12:00 PM (noon), to postpone the delivery.

Why this arrangement? We understand the tight deadlines of projects and want to be flexible in the face of unexpected obstacles. We are happy to collaborate, even in the autumn.

So, if rain disrupts your plans and you're considering a delay, please let us know.

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