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Ordering customized footing cages: a piece of cake with our 3D viewer

06-09-2021 | W. van Wijngaarden

Developments continue at Our ordering modules with 3D viewer have been improved again in detail and the bars look even better (the eye wants something too!). And now, customized footing cages can also be ordered using the 3D visualisation.

Avoid mistakes by ordering with the 3D configurator

For those who missed it: at, you could already order customized rebar cages and link cages with a 3D viewer. Now the footing cages 3D configurator has been added. Why do we put our energy into all these innovations? Very simple: to make the ordering process as easy and clear as possible. You really see what you are ordering. While entering the specifications, you can already see what the footing cage will look like, so it is easier to spot an error.

Footing cage 3D configurator

Figure 1. Customized footing cage ordering module with 3D viewer

More efficient production with the 3D visualisation

Then, when you enter your order, a file is created that goes straight to one of our suppliers. So no copying errors. The producer can also open the 3D model and we have noticed that we get fewer questions from them because of this. Previously, they regularly called us with questions for clarification. All in all, the order modules with 3D viewer contribute to a smooth ordering and production process.

  • Benefits of ordering with 3D reinforcement configurator:
  • - you see immediately whether the product is correct
  • - no transfer errors
  • - fewer questions from producers, so faster processes

Customization improves processes on the construction site

The use of customized reinforcement reduces waste on the construction site and makes processes more efficient. There is less less bending, cutting and additional reinforcement on the building site. This saves time, reduces the physical strain on the rebar worker and increases safety: there is less need to stand on scaffolding or ladders to cut and adjust. The 3D reinforcement configurator makes ordering customized products easy for everyone. The whole process before the actual placement of the reinforcement is efficient and transparent.

Experience the convenience yourself

Do you need to order customized reinforcement soon? Then try one of our ordering modules with 3D viewer. We are sure you will like it! Contact us if you still have problems or need advice.


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