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Expansion of our product range

07-02-2018 | J. van Wijngaarden

Now even more products!

Make orders even more complete with our latest expansion of the product range. New on

Rebar cages of 4 and 6 meters

In addition to the 3-meter cages, we now also have standard 4 and 6-meter cages in different diameters and cross-sections. This way you can easily puzzle each project together!

Wapeningskorven van 4 en 6 meter

Reinforcing mesh for small spaces

Small reinforcing mesh ( BS Reinforcing mesh ) with flying ends, ideal for small spaces or places with difficult accessibility. The flying ends ensure a good connection to the next mesh, so no unnecessary double reinforcement and a flatter floor field.

BS bouwstaalmatten

Expansion range of spacers

The right coverage for every project. Our range of spacers has been expanded with concrete spacers with a wire or clip , plastic line spacers and various plastic and concrete spacers .

Uitbreiding dekkingsmaterialen Uitbreiding dekkingsmatarialen Lange lijzen


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