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Expansion possibilities customized rebar.

18-05-2017 | J. van Wijngaarden

It has now become even easier to create customized rebar on our website. To make the order easier, we have expanded the choices of links and rebarshapes and we use new 3D drawings of rebar cages.

Expansion of link choices for rebar cages.

To make it easier to order customized rebar cages, we have expanded the link choice. This gives you even more possibilities when ordering rebar cages.

Beugelkeuze wapeningskorven

Expansion shapes reinforcing bars.
We have added new shapes for reinforcing bars. This allows you to order even more customiezed reinforcing bars quickly and easily.

Vormen betonstaal op maat

New cage drawings
In addition to the choices that has been expanded, we also have new cage drawings. We switched from 2D drawings to 3D drawings.

Tekening 3D wapening

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